Thursday, June 19, 2014

(More) Reflections on Marriage

After one year of marriage, I wrote these reflections. And now after four years, I have a few more things to add.

I have continued to learn so much from my dear husband:

He has shown me how to be a joyful servant—at 2 AM (and 3 and 4 and 5…) when our little one is crying and restless; at the dinner table when that same little one is covered head to toe in bright green avocado; at the kitchen sink where dishes have piled high even when more enjoyable work is left undone.

He has shown me how to struggle in prayer—all the times he didn’t know I was watching, but I knew he was on his knees praying. In the early morning, in the night, in the middle of the day. Without ceasing. And yet always trying to do better, to make his prayers more focused and more meaningful. He has lists that put mine to shame, and he has a commitment to prayer that is the precious fruit of a steady faith.

And he has shown me the amazing work of God, the transforming power of His grace. No, my husband is not perfect. Not even close! And neither am I. But isn’t that the wonder of the gospel—the way God can take broken humans beings and sanctify them for His purpose? His power is made perfect in our weakness. And I’ve seen that played out in the years I’ve been married to Jady. God has worked in his heart and in his life to put the old man to death, and to put on the spirit of Christ. This might be my favorite part of marriage: the ability to witness God’s daily working in the life of someone else, and to rejoice in the glorious transformation that brings.

Thank you, Jady, for being better to me than I deserve and for choosing me as your wife.