Friday, February 14, 2014

A Rare Night (in which I actually remember I have a blog!)

My how the time flies by. 

Since our last post, we've made trips to Florida and Kentucky for the holidays, and Rosie learned to crawl, got her first tooth, said her first word (bubble!), and had her first cold. She graduated from the mini crib to the pack n play, and from the sink to the shower.

In one word, I would describe Rosie as delightful. She has become such a happy girl now that she has mastered being mobile. (Well, at least she thinks she has!) She loves shrieking with delight and waving her arms around in the air. She has several funny faces she's working on as well as lots of noises--like growling and gasping. 

Rosie loves people so much (unless they try to hold her!). Several times a day when she sits in her highchair, she turns around to smile at the faces on the oatmeal canisters behind her. It is great being in the elevator, grocery store, etc. with her because those piercing blue eyes of hers are enough to make even some jaded New Yorkers strike up a conversation with her. 

This is one of those rare nights when my work is finally done, Rosie is finally asleep, and my husband is sick and in bed, too. And I am anxiously waiting up for my mom to arrive! I'm very proud of her: she's taking a midnight shuttle bus from Newark to our apartment (and she found a coupon to use, ha) after her original flight was canceled due to snow.

Yes, we've had lots of that. But I'm sure you have, too, if you live anywhere besides the Bahamas! I was pushing Rosie's stroller today over mounds of snow and through giant puddles of melted snow as we took a little walk through the park. Our favorite dog-watching bench (a favorite pastime of Rosie's) is covered in several feet of snow, so we will have to find some new indoor activities... like doing laundry with Rosie strapped to my back!

Not much else to report. Life is busy these days yet dragging by in an end-of-winter kind of way. We love each other and the brethren here, so our home is happy even in dreary old February! We are grateful for Jesus, and the hope of Heaven we have through Him.