Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I came across some pictures my sister-in-law's husband took when they visited us last summer and thought they provided some nice snapshots of the city.

The playgrounds here are called Tot Lots,
and the number corresponds to the cross street (this one's at 110th St).

This is just across the street from us.
Nice to have a diner so close!
Rosie has been here 3 times so far and has done great every time.

Also nice to have markets so close.
One of the cashiers here takes Rosie's picture on her iPhone
every time she comes in... and tries to give us a "Rosie discount."

Bibimbap is a Korean dish with meat and vegetables served over rice
then all mixed together. Jady likes it more than I do... but I should give it another chance!

Riverside Park, near where we live.
That's New Jersey across the Hudson River.

Again, the Hudson from the park and the George Washington Bridge. 

And a few of my own pictures...

Best view from our apartment on a beautiful day

Our oak tree has sprouted!!!

From this...

... to this!

A few days old...

... and now 20 weeks.