Thursday, March 7, 2013

Apartment Tour: At a Glance

Here's a peek into our home!

I love seeing into other people's places, especially in NYC where the apartments are often so old and interesting.

We moved into this apartment in August and finally are feeling settled in. We are blessed to live so close to where the church meets! So here are some pictures:

Before we moved in, this apartment was basically a studio.
With the addition of french doors, it's now a one bedroom!
(I'm waving from our bedroom. Bathroom on the right, mirrors on the left.)

The tiled niche with shelves used to be a window, but then a building was built right next to it,
so our landlord transformed it into something more attractive.
Antique writing desk and swirly mirror above the bathroom = also our landlord's.
Other piece of furniture here is a pantry on top, trashcan on bottom.

Here's our kitchen, overlooking the living area. Notice the fridge & freezer,
more tiles/shelves, and deep sink that makes my pregnant belly cry a little! 

The best part of our apartment: the boss. :)
And no, my countertop is hardly ever that clean!

Here's our kitchen, looking back down a long entry hallway.
Wondering how I reach those kitchen cabinets?? My trusty friend, The Ladder. :)
Also thanks to our landlord: the entire two rows of hallway hooks,
a project involving collected umbrella handles and such.

I think the hanging shelf is an old headboard. The plant up there was Jady's vision.

Around that corner is our front door. The brown door is a coat closet.
The white doors are a surprise (want to guess?).
More mirrors, shelves, hooks, and bench that were furnished already.

This picture is back in our bedroom. A whole wall of books!
Feels a little like sleeping in a library.
Notice the great storage underneath.

On the other side of the bedroom: our nursery! Still working on finishing touches.

Another kitchen shot. The back kitchen wall is a(nother) mirror, by the way. Hard to capture in a picture.

And behind the white doors in the entryway...
Jady's cloffice! That's an office in a closet.
Good sermons, taxes, and studies are prepared there!
Thanks for joining.

Thanks to God for the comfortable places He gives us to do His work!