Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Down the Hall

I'd like to interrupt this series to announce that we're moving... down the hall!

Here's the story: when our current landlord informed us he'd be raising the rent again, Jady started praying for a "do-able downsize" that would save us money but also be a place we could get excited about.

But this is our home! I thought reluctantly. And think about the hassles of packing, moving, and getting settled into a new place. And a place we're excited about that's smaller and less nice?? How is that possible? Oh, me of little faith. With God, everything is possible.

We looked at some apartments in our neighborhood: one right outside of the above-ground train station, one on the first floor facing the building's trash and recycling area, one railroad style apartment with strange shaped areas called rooms, and then a beautiful two bedroom in our own building with great natural light... could this be the one? It wasn't very much cheaper or the downsize we had prayed about. It was more of a step up, which at this point, isn't needed. So we passed on that one.

Before long, we were needing to make a decision to let our landlord know if we planned to stay in our current apartment or not (the rule here is two months advance notice before the lease runs out). But unfortunately, living in a city with a 1% residential vacancy rate and looking into apartments during the busiest rental months of the entire year, our searching only led us to apartments that were available immediately... and if we had to pay double rent for two months, that defeats the purpose of saving money!

So the day before we needed to decide if we were going to stay or not (and I was feeling pretty good about the possibility of staying in our current apartment!), we hadn't found any apartments that would work. But then God dropped one into our laps, one that we hadn't even searched for or known about.

Our super (superintendent who manages the building) overhead Jady's conversation with one of the brokers in our building, and later mentioned to Jady that his own apartment in our building would be on the market soon if we wanted to see it. But it was small, he warned. Just as I was starting to feel so confident about being able to stay in our current apartment, we scurried off to view his apartment. My expectations were low, and I had nearly written off the idea of moving by this point in the game. If I were Saul at Gilgal, I'd given up waiting for Samuel.

But from the moment we opened the door, this apartment looked different than I had expected. Our super is a jack-of-all-trades construction guy and his wife's an architect, so between the two of them, they'd really invested a lot of work into their apartment and maximized the space with shelves, mirrors, and sentimental pieces (like a collection of tiles they held onto for a decade until they incorporated them into the walls). It was going to be a downsize, but it was a fantastic price (comparatively) and had a cozy and charming feel. It already felt like home just being in there for an hour. The owners told us all about living there, even raising their son in it, and how they plan to retire there. And the great part? It wouldn't even be available until September. Perfect for us. Oh, and we can use any of their furniture we want? Even better.

24 hours, lots of prayer, and a nice discussion with the Buntings later... we decided to go with it. Our God is a God of last minute deliverance, isn't He? And providing for us what we need, when we need it. Thanks to Him!