Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just thought I'd answer a few questions we get asked frequently...

1. How did you end up in NY?

The short version: we prayed, and God answered.

At the time of my and Jady's engagement, I was thinking about going to grad school. But when I decided to get married and allow Jady's career to determine our future rather than mine, suddenly a money-draining, time-consuming graduate program didn't seem necessary or wise! And the day after canceling my applications, Jady got two calls about different churches looking for someone to preach and teach and work with them. One of those calls was from Gardner Hall, who told us about the church here in New York. We prayed, and God opened the door for us to come. He made is easy for us to move here (signing a lease on the very first apartment we looked at, a friend offering to drive all of our stuff from Tampa to NYC, support from our families and so many other Christians, etc.) and He continues to faithfully provide for us each day.

2. Do you miss having a car?

Actually, we love not owning cars! Our lives feel much simpler not having to deal with street parking, gas prices, maintenance, car washes, auto insurance and taxes and tags, wrecks and accidents, shoveling snow and scraping windshields, and speed limits. We also have a good public transportation system, the option to rent a car by the hour or flag down a cab if needed, and amazing access to the bank, post office, drug store, etc., so getting around is not usually a problem.

And as a bonus, now every time we ride in a car, it feels like some new ride at Disney or something. The world goes by ten times faster than when walking, so it feels pretty exhilarating!

3. Do you have a job?

Yes. About a month after we moved here, I met with a legal staffing agency to pursue possible positions working at a law firm (one of my high school jobs). After my interview at the agency, they informed me they were looking to hire a receptionist for their own office. Not what I expected, but it seemed like a good opportunity. A year and a half later, I'm still there. My position has expanded to include administrative duties, coordinating billing, and helping with junior-level recruiting. It's not a terribly exciting job, but I am blessed to just work part time. This schedule works well for us right now, and I'm thankful to have a couple days each week to devote to all things domestic (which I love) and to Jady (whom I love) and to the church (which is the reason we're here).

4. How long do you plan to live in NY?

That is a good question, and one that I wonder about sometimes! We are glad and thankful to be here, and honestly, I can't imagine anywhere else I'd want to be than right where God has us. Of course we try to be prayerful and thoughtful about the future, and we're open to living wherever we can be helpful in God's kingdom. But as far as I know, we're not leaving anytime soon!