Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ordinary Days

We enjoy going exploring in new neighborhoods and other boroughs,
especially if that means we have a clear view of the sky and see cute houses!

In March we celebrated Kiana's birthday.
She's our only teen at church, so we're glad to have her!

Several weeks ago, Jady baptized a new sister into Christ.
She quit a worldly job here to pursue living righteously. How encouraging!

Here is Don (the other preacher/teacher) studying with a lady right outside
the office space we rent. The windows look right out over Broadway.

Here's where I'll go if I need to buy any sea urchins for dinner....

Those are fresh from the oven... and yes,
they were as tasty as they look!

Jady and I both have been on a tea kick recently!
This is a Harney & Son's store in SoHo with more tea than I knew existed.

Here's a fun birdhouse.
Don't need an elevator when you have wings!

Isn't this the saddest looking plant you've ever seen?
We can't seem to keep anything alive here!!
We've had a wonderful spring so far and are thankful for all the
great opportunities around us to learn and to grow.
God is so good!