Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a Weird World

NYC might be the epitome of the working world. It's the city that never sleeps--and not because it's busy with good works or random acts of kindness. No, it seems like most people are running around with a cup of coffee in each hand so they can climb the corporate ladder a little higher, make a few more dollars (afterall, overtime pays more!), and be a step closer to a life of luxury. I know a girl who just graduated from med school and her work has been "limited" to 80 hours a week. 80 hours! And this is the American dream?

Living in a place that values money so much, and where jobs that make lots of money are valued over jobs that are unpaid or low-paid, some things are starting to be so clear to me:

-- It's cool to be a nanny. That's a respectable job. But if you're a nanny to your OWN kids (a.ka. a stay-at-home mom), you're not as cool.
-- It's a respectable profession to be a personal assistant to a C.E.O. or businessman, shopping for their clothes, writing thank you notes for gifts, making phone calls, and shopping for their groceries. But if you do these things for your own hard-working husband, you're considered a doormat.
-- It's fine to work as a private chef or housekeeper, but when you do these things (even preparing a gourmet meal) in your own household for zero pay, people tell you to "get a real job."
-- It's honorable to volunteer a night a week at a soup kitchen, but when you volunteer your entire LIFE to serve in the kingdom of God, that's considered too extreme and radical.

All that to say this: I enjoy being a wife and homemaker way more than going out to my part-time job. Yet people have told me, "I wish I could afford to just work part-time." I usually just smile and say that I'm blessed, but I want to say... if you don't get your hair and nails done every week, or eat out three times a day, or live in a 4000 sq ft. home, you might not "have" to work all the time.

It boggles my mind that so many mothers have an "important" job so they can pay someone else to do the "unimportant" jobs of raising their kids and managing their household. Why do they even HAVE children if they don't want to ever be with them? And when children are old enough to stay at home by themselves and no longer need a nanny, we're essentially leaving them to be raised by the world, their friends, and the media. What a scary and horrible thought. How is any amount of stuff or money worth the soul of a child?

What a weird world we live in. It's full of C.E.O.'s and doctors who can succeed in their own fields, but they have forgotten (or never been taught) how to do simple things like wash dishes or cook a meal.

In the eyes of NYC, I don't have an important job. I'm not needed by a corporation 80 hours a week. But in the eyes of God, I have the most important job in the world: being His servant. And I'm needed in His army more than 80 hours a week. Try 24/7.

And if we do our own laundry, we've got something these zillionaires in New York can't even claim.