Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prayer Requests

When I began this blog, I had no idea if anyone (besides my parents!) would be interested in hearing about city stuff. But it's been so encouraging hearing from different people who read it! Thanks to those of you who have shown support and love for the work here. I like to picture encouragement like a chain: if you encourage me, I can encourage Jady, and together we can try to encourage our NYC brothers and sisters. So thanks for being a vital link in that chain!

One of the biggest helps to the work here is through prayer. Because through prayer, we know that God can do so much more than we can ask or imagine or even do ourselves. If you're interested, here are three prayer requests I would put before you to put before God:

(1) Did I mention how a year ago a few Christian women started having a children's Bible class in the corner of the room where the adult Bible class was going on? They just hang up sheets and bring all their materials, and even though they never know the age or number of kids they'll have, it works just fine. Well... recently we've been having a few teenage girls in our assembly. (This is rare!! But great!) One girl is part of a whole family that's been visiting, one girl has a mom who's a member, and one girl has a mom who's really close to becoming a Christian. I would love to hang up my own sheets and start a new class for these young ladies, if the men of the congregation approve it. Don and Cami and Jady are encouraging me to pursue it, so please pray that God will guide these efforts!

(2) If you drive to school or work in a quiet and climate-controlled car, go ahead and thank God for it. I don't miss driving, but I miss that feeling of having your own space! I ride the subway each morning, and wow. If it was just me and the train, no big deal. But add a couple thugs with headphones blaring the most obnoxious music ever composed. Add a lady blowing ALL her germs into a kleenex that's literally centimeters from your face. Add a mother condescendingly accusing her child loud enough for the entire train car to hear. Add the smells of a homeless guy who slept there. Add a bunch of people in puffy coats fighting for elbow room... or even better, a SEAT! Add a conductor who yells at the passengers over the intercom ("Get outta the closing doors!!"). When you add all those things up, it equals a seemingly complain-worthy commute. Please pray for me to have patience and to glorify God even then/there.

(3) There are so many situations needing prayers here, but I'll ask for one specifically: Michelle is a young woman who moved to NYC from Tampa around the same time we did. She had been studying with a Christian couple down in Tampa and (according to them) was on the verge of baptism--right before her job brought her to the city. After several months of living in the world and learning how unsatisfying that was, she started coming to worship with us. And after continuing to study and talk to Christians, she was just baptized last month! Now, I'd like to ask for prayers for Michelle to continue studying and growing more rooted in God's Word. This city is surely one of the hardest places for a new Christian (especially a single one), so she will no doubt be fighting a hard battle just to stay a Christian. (Aren't we all?!)

Thank you!