Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Rock

This place is crazy and great and dirty and gross and poor and rich and delicious and loud! There's just so much variety wrapped up in one city. Sometimes it feels like a foreign country; other times, it really is starting to feel like home.

Things happen and move and change so much here! New neighbors, new members at church, new weather, new ads on the subway... sometimes it seems like the only constant in my life is the fact that people will continue to buy Louis Vuitton purses even though they cost a thousand dollars. (And I'm not even exaggerating. ONE THOUSAND. Enough to buy a lifetime supply of my favorite bagels.) Just when I think city life is beginning to be predictable, a guy in an alien costume gets on the train. Or the laundry room closes for a birthday party. Or the line at Trader Joe's stretches across the entire store. Or the wait for a dressing room is 60 minutes. It feels like we're riding a carousel where the scenery and music changes with every spin. 

Yet as the hymn says... in every change, He faithful will remain

And does He ever! Our God is our anchor in the midst of storm. He's our "Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning" (James 1:17). He's our changeless center, our solid foundation, and the only real thing on which we can depend.

(Quick tangent.) My favorite place in the whole city is being next to my husband, wherever that is. He is such a blessing to me in small ways (i.e. making my coffee) and in big ways (i.e. helping me toward Heaven). His work is encouraging--teaching the Bible, preparing for group classes, working on sermons, praying with Christians, and seeking souls that long for a Savior--but it's even more encouraging being married to someone who strives to practice what he preaches! I don't deserve the patience and love and kindness he shows me each day.       

And yet even my husband is part of a passing world. I can depend on him for so much, but I can't expect him to redeem me from death. I can't even count on him (or me!) to live until we're 80. But together, we can serve a God who not only can redeem us from death but has promised that He will--if we walk in His ways and trust in the blood of His son.  

In this city where thousand dollar purses go in and out of fashion and where the best designer boots still get messed up in the snow... what a comfort to know there is a God on whom I can depend! Whether in life or death, God is in control and is taking care of His people. He changeth not!