Monday, November 8, 2010

Somewhere Beyond the Blue

This is my third week of work as a receptionist at a legal staffing agency, and my job is a blessing. It’s 9-3 Mon to Fri with a 45 min commute each way. (I take the 1 train to Times Square, then ride the S shuttle to Grand Central Station, then walk 7 blocks on Madison Avenue. That sounds cool, but it’s just a lot of people rushing to work!)

It kinda feels like I’ve been dropped into a world of pencil skirts, pantyhose, and grayscale clothing. The first morning on the subway, I looked around at all the businessmen (and women) reading their New York Times and drinking their expensive coffee, and I felt SO out of place. But then I realized THAT’S OKAY! In fact, maybe that’s a good thing! My purpose is not to blend in, but to be a light; not to conform, but to be transformed. If this world is not my home, it’s okay to feel like an alien sometimes. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue!

Honestly, my life right now doesn’t look like I pictured. It’s not spectacular or glamorous—although I do have a nice red coat…  but it’s just from Marshall’s. My life doesn’t look like Amy Carmichael’s. Or even Linda Maydell’s. I pictured myself doing “missionary things” like baking homemade bread and bringing it to the homeless people on the street. Or learning a new language to teach the Bible with. Or taking soup to sick Christians across the city.

Instead, my life looks pretty normal and I do pretty normal things like laundry and cleaning and sometimes having a Christian over for a meal. I greet visitors at church and put the grape juice in the Lord’s Supper trays. That seems a far cry from homemade bread and homeless people, huh? The idealistic Julianne wants to do big and important things for God, when in reality, I need to be content doing the small things—because he who is faithful in little will be faithful in much (Luke 16:10). And I guess the little things, after awhile, add up to be pretty big things, too.

Oh to be like Thee!